The True Importance of Mold Testing and Indoor Air Quality


When trying to improve indoor air quality, mold testing is crucial. Mold is a much bigger problem than people are led to believe. Before purchasing remediation services, it’s important to test for the presence of mold. 



How Does it Work?


There are two main methods to test for mold. The first method involves taking a sample of the air from inside a home or building. The second method consists in making a surface sample. The purpose of mold testing is to see what type of mold is present, and it’s also used to see if a particular type of mold can grow in a specific area. 



How is Air Tested?


An inspector can obtain a sample of the air inside of a home or building, and there are many different ways that the sample can be analyzed. 


However, the major testing method involves the use of a spore trap. When a spore trap is activated, a specific amount of air is allowed to pass through the trap. The volume of air makes contact with a sticky surface inside of the trap. 


The purpose of the sticky surface is to trap mold spores, and after it has been used, the spore trap is sent to a lab and tested. There are a few different ways that surface samples can be obtained, and these are tape samples, swab samples, and bulk samples. The self-explanatory names indicate how each method is used to get a surface sample. 



Benefits of Mold Testing


Maintaining excellent indoor air quality is crucial, and mold testing is one of the ways to make sure you’re breathing quality air. Although it’s very important, mold testing is commonly overlooked. Mold negatively impacts the quality of indoor air, and even if it’s hard for most people to notice, the result is a decrease in overall health. 


Long-term exposure to mold can cause serious health issues. In particular, it can worsen existing respiratory problems and can agitate existing allergies. It can even cause chronic headaches, vertigo, memory loss, and severe neurological conditions. 


No matter how you view it, mold is dangerous and must be eliminated. Mold testing is crucial because it’s the first step of the path to removing mold. 


Fortunately, mold testing is quite cheap, and professionals can perform it. Before anything can be done to remove mold, a home or building must be tested for the presence of mold. Once the mold is removed, the result greater indoor air quality, therefore, improved breathing and health.



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