Long Island Home Mold Inspector

Our staff specializes in mold testing for new homeowners. If you are in the process of buying a new home, then you may be looking for someone who can handle mold testing. A mold inspection helps to identify hard-to-find mold growth, which may not always be found during your routine home inspection for new home buyers. But catching the signs of mold now, before closing on a home, will help in the negotiations of the home. It allows both sides the chance to digest the information and properly negotiate.

Get Mold Testing for Your New Home

New York Indoor Air Quality Solutions has years of experience working on Long Island and helping provide professional mold testing for new business and homeowners. We provide our mold testing for new homeowners across Long Island, New York, which includes many out east and in the following areas: Hampton Bays, West Hampton, South Hampton, East Hampton, Bridgehampton, Sag Harbor, Water Mill, Quogue and Amagansett. We are leaders in handling air quality issues for those who live on the East End of Long Island.

From the East End of Long Island and the Hamptons to Nassau County, our mold inspections are number one! Schedule an appointment today. Or give us a call by dialing 631-275-5999. When you call, we can provide you with a no-obligation consultation and go over a plan of action. Ensuring the right steps are taken.

What is a Pre-Purchase Mold Inspection?

home mold inspection in progressWhen it comes to mold testing and inspections for new homeowners, let’s start with a pre-purchase mold inspection and what it entails. A pre-purchase mold inspection is an evaluation that you can order before committing to a purchase. For prospective homeowners, you will typically add a mold inspection contingency to your purchase offer. This allows you the chance to back out of a deal if the home mold inspection does not come back clean.

There are three major aspects we inspect when we do a mold inspection:

  1. look for signs of mold growth
  2. test the air and surfaces
  3. search for damp areas and musty odors

A pre-purchase mold inspection is different than a regular home inspection. A routine mold inspection will simply evaluate the home’s structure and condition. However, since this is tied to the purchasing of a home, other factors are in play.

As experienced mold inspectors on Long Island, we go above and beyond for every job we take one. We will check every hard-to-reach area for mold. Here are some important aspects we will check when you hire us as your mold inspection team:

  • roof leaks
  • plumbing leaks
  • downspouts that don’t drain far enough from the home
  • negative grading that brings water near the house
  • damp foundations
  • issues with condensation

You can rest assured that all these aspects and more are checked when you turn to New York Indoor Air Quality Solutions.

Why You May Need a Mold Inspection

When you opt for a pre-purchase mold inspection, it can help you find out whether mold exists in the home you are looking to buy. This may impact the overall price of the home, so getting it right is important. But there are other reasons you may want this mold inspection that reach beyond the price of a home.

If you suspect mold or just want to rule it out, opting for a mold inspection will do just that. Some types of mold can cause serious health problems, which is obviously not something you want to live in. And mold can also cause structural damage to the home.

Black mold, for instance, may lead to chronic coughing and sneezing, eye irritation, fatigue, and headaches. And the longer you are exposed to black mold, the worse the symptoms will get. So it is important to address these issues quickly. And with NYIAQ, you can since we offer black mold testing.

If a mold test does come back positive, then you need to negotiate with the seller. In many cases, you will need mold removal, which is another service we provide homeowners on Long Island. If the issue is not imminent, then the seller may credit the problem or lower the selling price to help plan for the time you need mold removal. And in some instances, there is a mold inspection contingency that allows the buyer to cancel the purchase altogether. Mold typically grows pretty fast, especially in the right conditions. So handling sooner than later is highly recommended.

Types of Mold Testing for Homes

There are a few different ways to test for mold. Here are the three most common types of mold testing. Learn more about the importance of mold testing. As a trusted home mold inspector on Long Island, we will make sure we use the right testing method for the situation. Get safe and reliable mold testing for new homeowners when you turn to NYIAQ!

Swab Testing

Swab testing is used to test for fungal growth of an exact species of mold. We will use a sterile cotton swab, collect some of the mold growth, and send it over for a complete analysis.

Tape-Lift Sampling

The tape-lift sampling method is used to determine if a discoloration is actual mold growth. In order to get the result, we will use a clear piece of sticky material that gathers a small portion of the material in question and then places the material on a glass slide, which is sent over for analysis.

Mold Spore Air Testing

Mold spore air testing effectively compares indoor air to outdoor air and provides us a general idea of the level of mold spores in the home. It is also a useful way to supplement an indoor air quality inspection. How it works is that it pulls a certain amount of air through a plastic container and the particulate material in the air will then stick to a glass slide that is enclosed in the container. This container is later sent for analysis. In order to get an understanding of the results, we will take a baseline sample of outdoor air and use it for comparison.