Don’t Take A Risk: 10 Signs of Mold Illness

Indoor Air Quality offers reliable mold testing, remediation, cleanup and removal for clients throughout Long Island. Testing for mold is important, because it is not something that is easily discoverable. And the ramifications of mold in a home or office building can have detrimental effects on your health.

Mold Infestation After

It is essential to deal with black mold and mildew invasions expeditiously to make sure that the air in one’s residence is healthy, balanced and clean. A black mold and mildew invasion can be quite risky and the source of intense problems if it is not promptly took care of and eradicated from the house.

Mold Infestation Before

This client had a steam leak from the boiler in the basement for about 1.5 weeks before knowing of the problem.
The mold covered basement was first ventilated then sanitized and cleaned. A very bad mold situation was averted.

Let’s Debunk the Myths About Mold

Bleach is an effective biocide to eliminate mold
Bleach is only effective on hard non-porous surfaces.  Using bleach on wood, cement, sheetrock or plaster is ineffective.

Does Bleach Kill Mold?

Let’s set the record straight… Is it a myth that bleach will kill mold?