Michael Shain - Indoor Air Quality Environmentalist


My name is Michael Shain, and I am an Indoor Air Quality Environmentalist. My passion is to see that every person or patient who suffers from asthma, allergies, and other pulmonary issues understands that medication alone should not be their only option. Identifying the triggers and assessing their indoor air quality should be a significant part of their treatment plan.

Our extensive qualifications not only allow us to test your indoor air quality but also gives us the ability to diagnose why your air quality may be contributing to your medical conditions as well as how to remediate those elevated triggers.

Our Mission is to partner with the medical community in providing a service which will evaluate the air you breathe, identify any triggers which are above baselines and recommend how to remediate these harmful issues. Our number one goal is to reduce your dependency on medications as well as diminish the severity and occurrences of your attacks.

NY Indoor Air Quality Solutions is a locally owned and operated company serving Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, Nassau and Suffolk Counties, Long Island, New York. 

Contact us for affordable, comprehensive indoor air quality investigations that identify and correct your indoor air quality problems. Reducing your dependency on medications and diminishing the severity and occurrences of your attacks is our primary goal.

"Don't Just Medicate... Let Us Investigate"


Our Credentials:


MBA in Health Care Administration, Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering, NY State Licensed Home Inspector, NY State Approved Home Inspection Instructor, Certified Mold Inspector, D.E.C. Licensed Pest Control Technician, and an Indoor Air Quality Environmentalist.  


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