Mold Testing for Long Island


NY Indoor Air Quality Solutions is a professional Long Island mold testing company that really cares about your home, your family and the air you breathe. NYIAQ Solutions of Long Island is a mold removal service that realizes there are many ailments which come from mold spores and other chemicals and their mission is to find the source of the problem and correct it so you and your family can be more healthy.  There are so many different substances that can infiltrate a home that left unchecked can be very toxic and cause a large number of health problems. New York Indoor Air Quality Solutions provides Nassau County Mold Testing and Suffolk County Mold Testing. 


NYIAQ Solutions of Long Island is a mold testing company who is here to get to the root of these problems and eliminate the very cause from the ground up. Mold and toxins can be found in a variety of places in your home and can grow in moist and unventilated areas. Poor indoor air quality can also be due to leaks in the roof or foundation, building topography or improper roof pitch, incorrectly running furnaces which can give off carbon monoxide, inefficient air conditioners leaving too much moisture and humidity in the air, ineffective or dirty air conditioning filters, dirty central ac duct work, bathroom or kitchen leaks or plumbing leaks anywhere in the house which can cause mold in time. NYIAQ is not only a Long Island Mold Testing Company but also a Long Island mold cleanup, Long Island mold removal and Long Island mold remediation service,  including black mold remediation as well.


What to Look For When You Suspect Mold


Some symptoms that you may have mold or bacteria in your home is the actual sight of mold, a musty odor, or frequent allergy symptoms when at home.


Some things that NY Indoor Air Quality Solutions does to inspect air quality and test for mold in your Long Island residence and office are:                                                                                  

  •     Identify toxic mold by Collecting Air Samples and Swab Samples   

  •     Analyze mold in an independent laboratory    

  •     Write reports defining species of mold and mold spore levels        

  •     Consult on: Stachybotrys Black Mold

  •     Complete mold removal and Abatement Services


NY Indoor Air Quality Solutions are also available for 24 Hour Emergency Consultation and Mold testing, inspection and mold remediation service throughout Long Island.