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It is simple. We now live in homes that are wrapped in 'saran wrap' and made practically airtight all for the benefit of energy efficiency. 50 Years ago we had radiators, not forced hot air. We had real wood, not particle board furniture and sheathing. Today we have more chemicals and cleaners stored in our homes, which we need to be chemists to understand the labels. Our carpets harbor all kinds of allergens, such as pet dander, dust mites, mold, and pollen. Our homes are incubators with very little ventilation. This environment is a breeding ground for mold. Can energy efficiency and good indoor air quality coexist? Yes. I've packed this website with many tools, information, and solutions.

If you or a family member is being medicated for chronic respiratory illnesses and you want to investigate if your home's environment could be what is aggravating or causing their disease, please contact Michael Shain today at 631-275-5999 or email: You can also visit us at for any home inspection related inquiries. Our goal is to make sure no patient is being medicated to counter the effects of their polluted living environment.


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Mold Testing Company Long Island

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Mold Testing Company Long Island

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