NY IAQ Solutions Is in Compliance

The NY State Mold Assessment and Remediation Licensing Laws That Have Been Implemented as of January 01, 2016


Effective January 1, 2016, all Mold Remediation Contractors, and Assessors must be licensed by the New York State Department of Labor. The licensing requirements state that no person shall be licensed to conduct mold-related services unless they: (a) are eighteen years of age or older; (b) have satisfactorily completed Department of Labor-approved course work, including training on the appropriate use and care of personal protection equipment as approved by the Commissioner of the Department of Health; and (c) have paid the appropriate fees. The licensing requirements prohibit any contractor from engaging in mold assessment or mold remediation without a valid license issued by the Commissioner of Labor that must be present and on display at the worksite. The bill also prohibits a person licensed to perform mold-related services from acting as both the mold assessment contractor and the mold remediation contractor, in other words, contractors who currently provide mold inspections and perform the remediation as well, will no longer be able to do so. Individuals will only be allowed to be a licensed Mold Assessor or a licensed Mold Remediator, NOT BOTH. 

Mold Program


Persons who conduct home inspections as part of potential real estate transactions must also be licensed as a "Mold Assessor" if their inspections/reports include an assessment of mold conditions in the home or property in question. "Mold Assessment" means an inspection or assessment of the real property that is designed to discover mold, conditions which that facilitate mold, an indication of conditions that are likely to promote mold, or any combination thereof."

Home Inspectors and Mold Assessment Licensing


Persons who perform Mold Abatement (Remediation) must be licensed as a Mold Remediation Contractor. "Mold Remediation" or "Mold Abatement" means the act of removal, cleaning, sanitizing, or surface disinfection of mold, mold containment, and waste handling of mold and materials used to remove mold from surfaces by an individual.


NY IAQ Solutions complies with both the remediation and assessment licensing laws. We also are licensed contractors in NYC, Nassau, and Suffolk County. Any company that holds any previous certifications and not a NY State Department of Labor mold license does not meet the current licensing requirements.


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