Meet Mike Shain


Meet Mike Video- Mike Shain of NY Indoor Air Quality A Solutions is an expert on reducing asthma triggers, mold problems, and more. He is an Environmentalist whose passion is to use his knowledge of molds and other indoor air triggers to improve the air quality as part of their treatment plan.

Medication alone should not be the only option available. Mike Shain is qualified and fully licensed to eliminate the mold and other allergens from start to finish. Mold is the cause of many kinds of respiratory illnesses that affect people of all ages. It's important to remediate the mold, especially if you have children in the house. 

Mold brings many health risks. Many types of mold are harmful to humans and pets. Additionally, mold is responsible for several different types of health problems such as allergies, asthma, respiratory diseases, and much more.

You will need a mold remediation company because it's going to be the most thorough and complete way to remove the mold. No matter how hard you work on removing mold, you won’t ever be able to get it as thoroughly removed as you will with a mold remediation service.

Additionally, there is the issue of agitating the mold. Removing mold might sound simple, and in some cases, it is simple. But when you disturb an area that has mold growth, you can send microscopic spores flying into the air. This results in the spread of the mold to other parts of your home and increases the risk of having health-related problems. This is why it is vital to hire a professional mold remediation company that will safely and effectively remove the mold and keep the area safe from future outbreaks.