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Is Your Home Or Office Indoor Air Quality Making You Sick? The prevalence of allergies and asthma has doubled in the past 30 years. Learn why our homes and offices have become incubators that produce and harbor many of the most common allergy and asthma triggers that cause or exacerbate allergies and asthma.

One of the first and most essential steps mold remediators will take is to identify and locate the different parts of the home affected by mold. It is not always easy to detect the source of mold. It grows in places that the homeowner doesn't see such as behind walls, inside of ductwork and even under carpeting. Our skilled remediators will be able to use their experience and specialized equipment to find all the sources of mold in any building.

When it comes to your health, there is no such thing as a stupid question. Sometimes people ask questions about topics we hadn't thought of. So we invite your inquiries regarding mold removal Long Island.

Our Qualifications are extensive which not only allows us to test your indoor air quality but also gives us the ability to diagnose why your air quality may be contributing to your medical conditions as well as how to remediate those elevated triggers.

NY Indoor Air Quality Solutions specializes in all aspects of Mold Remediation Long Island including Black Mold Remediation, Mold Cleanup, Mold Investigation Remediation and Mold Testing all over Long Island - Nassau County and Suffolk County as well as Brooklyn and Queens. We are delighted to help you and your family breathe easier.